Memories Of Maggie: A Legend Spanning 3 Wars

Memories Of Maggie: A Legend Spanning 3 Wars

Memories of Maggie: A Legend Spanning 3 Wars

The unique story of Martha Raye and her military experience.

"An inspiring book about a remarkable woman whose heart was larger than her nickname Big Mouth." -- Jim Collins, The NCO Journal

"Thank you for telling an important story--in fact, recording American History." -- William Westmoreland, Gen., Ret.

"Your book is a wonderful reminder of Raye's valiant work on behalf of America's armed forces." -- President Bill Clinton

About the Author
Noonie Fortin of Albany, NY, is a prolific writer with her interest in military service men and women. Noonie was co-chair for the Medals for Maggie Committee of Tri-County Council Vietnam Era Veterans in Albany, NY, which spearheaded veterans' effort for Martha's Presidential Medal of Freedom. Fortin's articles have been published in newspapers, journals, and Veterans' publications. A Vietname Era Veteran, she served over 20 years in the Army Reserves before retiring. She travels extensively, speaking to veterans' groups, community groups, writers, students, women's groups,

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