About Face: The Art Of Jota

About Face: The Art Of Jota

About Face: The Art of Jota

This remarkable compilation brings together the best of painter Jota Leal's surreal celebrity portraits. This volume has something for anybody who is captivated by the famous and iconic figures around us. Whimsical and incisive portraits of rock stars, move stars, sports icons, and historical and cultural figures are all featured inside.

Jota's amazing paintings of Salvador Dalí, The Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Michael Jordan, Freddie Mercury, Ali, and others are at the pinnacle of contemporary portraiture. The icing on the cake is the remarkable twist that Jota imparts to each and every subject. His ability to transform the subject's face into something more elemental and evocative is a gift few have possessed.

This is a book to be enjoyed over and over, and shared with friends. A pop culture delight.


"In the hands of a lesser artist, celebrity caricatures can appear garish and even grotesque — irreverent and offensive to both the star and their fans. Jota Leal, however, has a passion and affinity for his subjects that allows him to capture their essence in a manner that is both playful and insightful." — Brett Maly, art appraiser and...

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