Murach's CICS For The COBOL Programmer

Murach's CICS For The COBOL Programmer

Murach's CICS for the COBOL Programmer

Join the more than 150,000 programmers who have learned CICS using our CICS books alone. Now, our two-part CICS for the COBOL Programmer has been revised into a single volume that meets today's need for fast-paced training. You get all the commands and features that are current today -- plus, new chapters on creating web or component-based programs.

"I purchased your CICS book and was productive while other people in the CICS training class were trying to figure out what IBM was saying in the manuals."

From the Publisher
I’m delighted to announce a NEW, single-volume version of our CICS series, now entitled "Murach’s CICS for the COBOL Programmer." This is the material that’s trained more than 150,000 COBOL programmers to use CICS over the years, now thoroughly updated with the latest versions of CICS, along with new information that deals with the past (guidelines for maintaining CICS programs) and the future (an intro to component-based design and web programming with CICS). Beyond that, we’ve completely re-organized the book to meet today’s need for fast-paced training. Not only will you write your first CICS program sooner....

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