The Jam: Sounds From The Street

The Jam: Sounds From The Street

The Jam: Sounds from the Street

The Jam emerged from the punk explosion of 1977, combining the energy of that movement with the musical values and styles of the previous generation’s mod icons. This is the inside story of Paul Weller, Bruce Foxton, and Rick Buckler’s rise to fame, their brief but momentous reign, and their shocking decision to quit at the peak of their success. An in-depth study of the band’s entire musical legacy, this authoritative chronology of the band’s career includes songs from their time as a four-piece and all the other tracks that comprised the pre-Polydor set list. Bass player Bruce Foxton and drummer Rick Buckler have given unlimited access to their private archives. Forty-two unreleased Jam recordings are discussed in detail, including songs that even diehard Jam fans will never have heard of. Graham Willmott's book is the definitive insider's account of The Jam’s music, its creation, its recording, and its impact in live performance.

About the Author

Graham Willmott is a music journalist and has been a friend and associate of The Jam since the 1970s.

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