The House Of Fiction

The House Of Fiction

The House of Fiction

Abandoned at the age of four, Susan Swingler had no contact with her father Leonard or with her stepmother, the revered Australian writer Elizabeth Jolley, until the age of 21. In this startling part memoir, part mystery, Susan explains why she and her father were kept apart while telling the story of her quest to find him. As she painstakingly traces and documents clues to a better understanding of Leonard, she inadvertently unravels an intricate fiction created by Elizabeth Jolley to protect those she loves.


"This book is riveting, explosive even, and also deeply moving."  —Australian Book Review

"Swingler can hold her own against the prose style of her famous stepmother: restrained, detailed and rendered with a beautiful eye and ear."  —Australian

About the Author
Susan Swingler has worked as a freelance photographer, a gardener, a university lecturer at the University of West England, a curator, and a researcher.

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