Coaching Skills For Managers And Supervisors

Coaching Skills For Managers And Supervisors

Coaching Skills for Managers and Supervisors

Inspire, Motivate, and Create Winners!

As a manager or supervisor, you are the coach of your business team! This exceptional program teaches you how to motivate your team through proven coaching/management techniques. You'll learn how to devise a winning strategy, how to motivate your players, action steps to improve your leadership, and ideas and techniques that will put you in a position to better your team.

There is not a coach in the world who goes into a season without a game plan. Why should managing in business be any different? Learn how you can use the time-honored techniques of the best coaches in history, and learn to coach your team to success!

You will learn ...
* How to analyze and utilize your line-up.
* How to manage results, not activity.
* How to delegate tasks efficiently.
* How to fine-tune the lines of communication on your team.
* How to compel your players to give "that something extra."

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