The Giant Book Of Poetry

The Giant Book Of Poetry

The Giant Book of Poetry

Winner or finalist in the Best Books National Book Award Poetry Anthology of the Year; Benjamin Franklin Audio Book of the Year; Foreword Magazine Audio Book of the Year; and the Bill Fisher Award for Best New Fiction. Over 750 pages of poetry spanning from 4,000 BC up to the present day and including a broad cross-section of global poetry. Footnotes for each poem specify each poem's form, define unusual or archaic words, and include notes about interpretation. Multiple indexes, including an index by subject, simplify finding exactly the right poem for any situation. The poems were specifically selected to appeal to readers new to poetry, but even experienced poetry readers will find new and enjoyable poems. The poems from the book are also available on audio CD.

It belongs in the collection of every poetry lover. -- Mark Strand

The Giant Book of Poetry is bursting at the seams with . . . poems that people need to be reading. -- Billy Collins

The Giant Book of Poetry is the perfect introductory anthology for new poetry readers. -- Robert Kinsley

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