Wine Tasting Notebook

Wine Tasting Notebook

Wine Tasting Notebook

A COMPLETE WINE TASTING COURSE disguised as a notebook.

Have you ever wanted to learn about wine but didn t know how to start? Are you an intermediate taster that needs a quick refresher course? Are you an advanced taster who wants a systematic way to take notes? This second edition of De Long s bestselling Wine Tasting Notebook is an excellent way for all levels of wine lovers to hone their tasting skills.

Its simple, understandable explanations demystify wine tasting, and guide you through the note taking process. You learn by doing.

Why take tasting notes? It s not just to remember the wines that you liked (which is important!), but is simply the only practical way to develop your wine knowledge. The main difference between a beginner and a wine professional is in the number of wines that they have tried and noted.

The Wine Tasting Notebook is organized in three simple parts:

1. The WINE NOTE PAGES puts the repetitive parts of a note in convenient multiple choice for pros as well as acting as training wheels for beginners.

2. WINE TASTING TERMS helps build your wine tasting vocabulary with quick explanations...

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