Imperial Guard Infantry And Artillery (Napoleon's Last Army)

Imperial Guard Infantry And Artillery (Napoleon's Last Army)

Imperial Guard Infantry and Artillery (Napoleon's Last Army)

This is a groundbreaking series of books in English by author, re-enactor, and equestrian Paul L. Dawson that use thousands of pages of French archival documents, translations of more than 200 French eyewitness accounts, and dozens of new paintings by Keith Rocco to tell the story of Napoleon’s final military operations and his defeat at the battle of Waterloo. Napoleon’s Last Army (NLA) is the most comprehensive study ever made of the French army in 1815, using primary source information that provides new insights into this famous campaign. NLA will expose persistent myths and errors about the French forces at Waterloo and in the campaign of 1815.

About the Author
Paul Dawson is a professional field researcher, archaeologist, and horseman recognized as one of the best cavalry living historians in Europe. In 2003 he was made a Fellow of the International Napoleonic Society in recognition of his research into the armies of Napoleon.

In 1985 Keith Rocco was proclaimed by the French magazine Uniformes, as an “artist in the tradition of Remington and Detaille.” Working with Paul Dawson, as well as his own personal collection of Napoleonic artifacts...

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