Ephesians From Start2Finish

Ephesians From Start2Finish

Ephesians from Start2Finish

Though written 2,000 years ago, Paul's letter to the Ephesians is as relevant today as it was when penned from a Roman prison cell.

To a world plagued by terror, race wars, and political gridlock, Ephesians presents the Gospel in its simplicity--the human experience is hopelessly broken, and only in Christ can we rediscover blessing, grace, and our proper place in the scheme of things. This letter also confronts us with the fact that the gifts of power, identity, and blessing come with great responsibility.

Ephesians from Start2Finish is a 13-lesson exploration through one of Paul's most important epistles and will help classes or small groups learn more about the basics of Christianity. In the process, important principles such as the nature of God, our identity in Christ, and the call of Christian living will be affirmed.

About the Author
Michael Whitworth is the owner of Start2Finish and the author of several books, including the award-winning The Epic of God and The Derision of Heaven. He considers M&Ms his brain food is fond of large Mason jars. He's a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys and Alabama Crimson Tide. In his spare time, Michael loves reading...

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