A Practical Guide To Digital Design

A Practical Guide To Digital Design

A Practical Guide to Digital Design

A Practical Guide to Digital Design familiarises the reader with the rules that effective graphic design has to follow. Thanks to sophisticated graphic programs, the computer has become a superb tool to design for print and Web. But if there is no sound grasp of the basic rules of design, the glut of possibilities can easily lead to mistakes in style and layout.

Design work is often dismissed as something that anyone with a basic grasp of computers can do without difficulty. As a consequence, non-specialists are often asked to do design work, and the results are disappointingly poor. This book is aimed at those who believe that acquiring the language of visual communication requires a little more than familiarity with a few software packages. By examining the fundamental rules upon which successful design depends, A Practical Readers will discover the 'language of images', developing a sensitivity for structure, proportion, rhythm, colour and contrast.

About the Author
Pina Lewandowsky is a lecturer at Dresden School for Visual Arts and at several media institutions in the fields of Media Design, Desktop Publishing & Digital Imaging. Francis Zeischegg is a graphic designer, image artist...

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