Ecology Of Harmful Algae (Ecological Studies)

Ecology Of Harmful Algae (Ecological Studies)

Ecology of Harmful Algae (Ecological Studies)

Harmful algal can cause a variety of deleterious effects, including the poisoning of fish and shellfish, habitat disruptions for many organisms, water discoloration, beach fouling, and even toxic effects for humans. In this volume, international experts provide an in-depth analysis of harmful algae topics and offer a comprehensive synthesis of the latest research in the field.


From the reviews:

"It is a book one reads to learn how to think about harmful algae and their roles in ecosystems. The volume is unique, timely, and valuable for this reason. I found the book to be absorbing, readable in stolen minutes, owing to the brevity of chapters; and refreshingly thought-provoking. ... In summary, this is a book on harmful algae that a scientist - an ecologist - can read for pleasure and intellectual stimulation. It is a refreshing antidote to descriptive or alarmist approaches that sometimes seem to dominate the world of harmful algal research." (Gary H. Wikfors, Harmful Algae, 2007, doi: 10.1016/j.hal.2007.03.001)

"The editors here succeeded in compiling a comprehensive review of actual HA research which exceeds the limits of ‘pure’ ecology. … All in all, the book provides an in-depth...

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