El Hada Reina De Los Dientes (Los Guardianes) (Spanish Edition)

El Hada Reina De Los Dientes (Los Guardianes) (Spanish Edition)

El Hada Reina de los Dientes (Los Guardianes) (Spanish Edition)

After the Guardians’ last adventure, everyone assumed that the children of the town of Santoff Claussen were finally safe from the dastardly schemes of Pitch, the Nightmare King. But could this peace merely be a ruse concocted by the villain to attack the heroes when they least expect it? What Pitch doesn’t know is that a new heroine has joined the Guardians’ ranks: Toothiana, the fierce warrior queen of the fairy armies. She and her helpers collect and store the fallen teeth of children, leaving a coin in return. These teeth store the lost memories of childhood, including the memory of how to fly. This is priceless information for the heroes, but it could also be useful information for Pitch, and dangerous besides.


"The whimsical details and elaborate, old-fashioned illustrations continue to charm." —Booklist

About the Author

William Joyce is an author, a filmmaker, and an illustrator whose work has garnered critical and commercial praise across a range of children’s media. His picture books include Dinosaur Bob and His Adventures with the...

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