Sorolla: Gardens Of Light

Sorolla: Gardens Of Light

Sorolla: Gardens of Light

Features the full collection of paintings of gardens by Sorolla in his lifetime.

Text is written by Sorolla's great-grandaughter, Blanca Pons Sorolla, who is in charge of the collection. Includes an extended chronology.

This catalogue covers the exhibition that was staged at the Galleries of Modern and Contemporary Art in Ferrera (Italy) and is due to take place this summer at the Fine Arts Museum in the Palace of Charles V in Granada and the Sorolla Museum in Madrid.

Sorolla painted directly in the open air at La Granja, the Alcázar in Seville, the Alhambra and Generalife in Granada and at his house in Madrid. These are paintings in which we can observe the artists' interest in portraying the qualities of light and shade and different watery reflections by means of a sketch-like technique based on the use of very loose brushstrokes and striking colors.

About the Author
Born in Madrid in 1948, Blanca Pons-Sorolla is the great granddaughter of Joaquin Sorolla. In 1968 she was awarded a Diploma in Art and Interior Architecture by the International School of Art...

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