Puglia In Cucina: The Flavours Of Apulia

Puglia In Cucina: The Flavours Of Apulia

Puglia in Cucina: The Flavours of Apulia

The gastronomic culture of Puglia captured in 80 recipes. But Puglia in Cucina is not just another cookbook: it offers an authentic insight into Puglia’s culinary art and culture, side by side with a photographic journey through the region.

Alongside traditional fare are recipes with a touch of creativity, as well as invaluable advice on pairing with local wines. The book includes an entire section on wines from historic wineries, as well as a few new arrivals, and another section is devoted to the herbs of Puglia.

The cuisine of Puglia comes from both the land and sea. Its ingredients reflect the nature of the region, coming together in dishes that are ’simple’ in the noblest sense of the world. The quality of these ingredients stems from farming and fishing traditions that are thousands of years old. And since so many of the dishes have the most humble origins, they are generally easy to prepare.

"Food historians, cooks who like to dig deep into the study of culinary traditions, and those who appreciate a bilingual volume so they can practice their Italian as they cook will appreciate all eighty...

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