The Best Of (Dark Dragon Books Art Collection)

The Best Of  (Dark Dragon Books Art Collection)

The Best of (Dark Dragon Books Art Collection)

The Best of Clint Langley presents some of his finest work created over twenty years. The hyper realistic digital comic art for acclaimed graphic novels SLAINE:The Books of Invasions and ABC WARRIORS: The Volgan War. Vivid fantasy art for WORLD OF WARCRAFT and EVER QUEST. Gritty drawings and paintings for CELTOS, NEMESIS THE WARLOCK, WORLD OF DARKNESS and many more. Clint Langley is best known for his hyper realistic fantasy and Sci-fi art. He renders together flesh, muscle, bone, metal, sky and earth creating cinematic worlds of Warriors, Amazons, Dragons, Killer Robots, Aliens, Monsters and Horrors. Langley’s art resides in a world where excitement, danger, and death are always close by. Reality and fantasy are perfectly blended in his marvellous art.

About the Author
Langley's first published work was with Nighfall Games's role-playing game SLA Industries in 1993. His work appeared in their first three books, SLA Industries, Karma and Mort, for which he painted the cover. He also provided the large wrap-around painting for the game's GM's Screen. Langley began his career at 2000 AD on Dinosty with Pat Mills, and went on to work on some of...

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