Tango: The Structure Of The Dance Vol.1

Tango: The Structure Of The Dance Vol.1

Tango: The Structure of the Dance Vol.1

Mauricio Castro's book offers a new system to help the dancer creatively develop his/her tango using solidly established technical foundations. The instructions can be easily followed with the help of a series of two and three-dimensional diagrams especially designed by the author.

The method is explained in a clear, concise and efficient way and includes lessons for the beginner to the most advanced in tango dance theory.

This book revolutionizes all of the traditional concepts used until now in the teaching of this sensuous, passionate and complex dance form which aquires enthusiastic new followers daily, all around the world.

About the Author
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mauricio Castro is the founder of Tango discovery and a renowned dancer and teacher of Argentine Tango. He created and developed a personal style of dancing and teaching tango in Buenos Aires and then, through Tango discovery, he brought it to the rest of the world. To his solid musical education at the prestigious Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA), he added contemporary dance and movement technique studies (Laban Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals and The Skinner Releasing Technique, among others). In addition, he also...

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