Imagination In Landscape Painting (Classic Reprint)

Imagination In Landscape Painting (Classic Reprint)

Imagination in Landscape Painting (Classic Reprint)

Page Footbridge over theW iley. By R. S. Chattock Frontispiece Le Chevrier. From theE tching by Claude ... ii Landscape, with aC ottage on aB ank, and Trees overhanging a River. From theE tching by Ruysdael 44 Forest Scene, with three Wayfarers and aD og BESIDE A Pool. From theE tching by Ruysdael. 49 Forest Scene, with two Peasants and aD og. Front theE tching by Ruysdael 54 Holy Family .. .c .S ir Joshua Reynolds .83 Glendearg Cattermole .... 88 Woman playing Cymbals. From theE tching by Tjirner 97 Le Dessinateur. Froin theE tching by Claude .. 103 Boulevard St. Germain 108 AC astle of theM iddle A ges on the Rhine .119 Landscape, with aC astle on aH ill. Claude .129 St. Anthony Albert Diirer. .. .136 Architectural Composition. From aji Etching by Canaletti 143 Landscape, with aT own in theD
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